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  • Device Management

    Device Management Tools support the field instruments through their lifecycle, from planning, configuration and start up to diagnostics and maintenance.

    Using the FDT/DTM technology (Field Device Tool/Device Type Manager), which provides supplier- and tool independent engineering and maintenance of field devices, regardless of manufacturer or protocol and thus removing the need for multiple tools.

    With our products and solutions, you get the best technology, reliability and service in the measurement business. Choose additional options, like the best fieldbus protocol for almost every application.

    Asset Vision Professional
  • Asset Vison Professional - You get the Asset Optimization and Device Management Application with FDT 1.2 capabilities, CMMS connectivity and Calibration Management.

  • Datasheet download
  • Asset Vision Basic
  • Asset Vision Basic - You get an Frame Application with rich and easy to use graphical interface. FDT1.2 / 1.2.1.

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  • Handheld communicator
  • Handheld for clear arranged and simple configuration and calibration of instruments

  • Model DHH805-G
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