Multipoint temperature sensor TSM800




The TSM800 multipoint temperature sensor is ideally suited for measurement of process temperatures over multiple locations with a single access point.
Typically used in process plant vessels the TSM800 provides a cost effective alternative to mounting multiple individual sensors and their associated process vessel entries.
Multipoint temperature sensors are an engineered solution based on the conditions and dimensions of an individual process plant. Mainly used for the oil & gas, petrochemicals and chemicals industry.
Simple data capture of customer requirements provided by the e-brochure
“TSM800 multipoints made easy”
Supported by the ABB temperature experts for oil & gas
Five basic models provided for selection guidance
Designed to meet customer specific conditions
Features and benefits
Compact thermocouple for restricted access
Flexible thermocouple for use in existing thermowell
Guided tube thermocouple for replaceable sensors in operation
Medusa thermocouple for individually routed thermocouple sensors
Medusa RTD for individually routed RTD sensors