Head-mount temperature transmitter TTH200



The new temperature transmitter TTH200 supports both the HART 5 and HART 7 protocol and is the standard device of the proven TTx200 / TTx300 product family in two-wire technology. The TTH200 is provided for all HART standard applications in temperature measurement with one sensor input. The transmitter follows NAMUR Recommendations such as NE 89 and NE 107. The TTH200 supports the same functionality as the TTH300, but without sensor redundancy and sensor drift monitoring. As an option, an LCD indicator can be connected.
The transmitter can be configured with ABB-tools such as Field Information Manager (FIM), with DAT200 (Asset Vision Basic) via DTM, with a Handheld via EDD, or with any standard tool using FDI-/FDT-Technology. Universal sensor input
– RTD, thermocouple, Ω, mV
Functional safety SIL 2 / SIL 3 in accordance with IEC 61508
Various sensor error-calibration possibilities
– One point, two point, Callendar-van Dusen, freestyle characteristics with 32 supporting points
Output signal
– 4 to 20 mA, HART 5 and HART 7 (switchable)
Accuracy 0.1 %, long-term stability 0.05 % per year
Wire break / corrosion monitoring in accordance with NE 89
Device status signaling and freely configurable diagnostic categorization with diagnostic history according to NE 107
Event monitor for logging critical events
Configuration monitor for configuration changes
Turnable LCD indicator for optimal readability (option)
Approvals for explosion protection
– ATEX, IECEx, zone 0
– FM / CSA