700 ULTRA pH/ORP – Analog Sensor



Enhanced with a triple ceramic junction design, the 700 ULTRA has improved speed of response while maintaining measurement stability in the most demanding high purity applications.

The 700 ULTRA sensor provides:

Increased efficiency

  • Propriety high performance glassware formulations provide the highest level of reliability and responsiveness
  • Close-coupled temperature measurement ensures high accuracy even with rapid temperature changes

Measurement confidence

  • Refillable KCl reservoir offering maximum usability and extended operation in high purity applications
  • Triple ceramic junction reduces plugging while providing improved measurement stability and speed of response
  • Each electrode is manufactured to the highest quality standards and provided with a calibration certificate

Modular design

  • 12 mm sensor paired with intelligent accessories provides simplified mounting
  • Optional 700 ULTRA sampling panel provides a complete system for simple integration
  • Available in a range of detached or integral cabling options